Clinch River Fishing Report 4-9-2011

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Clinch River Fishing Report 4-9-2011 Empty Clinch River Fishing Report 4-9-2011

Post by troutmanbrook on Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:10 am

Norris Dam stopped generating at 7am, so I woke up early and got all of my fishing gear packed and ready to go. I decided to go back to the Weir dam, once i got to the river, i had decided to do some work from on top of the weir dam. I tied on a #22 white bh zebra midge, cast it out and 2 seconds later BAM! I raised my rod and the hook was set.we played around for a few minutes and he was netted and had his photo taken (on my iphone). In my hands I held the the biggest trout I had ever caught on my fly rod. It was a really good size rainbow that measured between 18 - 19 inches. I released the big boy, and went back to fishing. I had caught the second fish of the day when disaster struck. I was wading in a pretty deep hole, and it got shallow real fast, this caused me to stumble and dunk myself into the water. I had forgotten about my iphone being out of his baggie until i caught the next fish and went to take a photo. affraid i was too late, the phone is in a bag of rice at the moment; and will not turn on. if it comes back from the dead i will post pics. I wound up caught 7 total that day, the rest were hitting on griffiths gnats, white and black bh zebras, and small bh pheasant tails.
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