This Week's Reporting Thread

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This Week's Reporting Thread

Post by Owl on Tue Apr 12, 2011 12:46 pm

Due to ..........well, I can't tell you just yet...but at any rate - this week's Friday Points Reporting thread ( 4/15 ) will be open on MONDAY, not friday. I won't be here Friday to open and close just hang on to your links until Monday, ok? Smile thanks.

PS - Don't forget about the bonus 500 pts. THIS WEEK ONLY for completing the "Buddy Post" task! Do that a few times and those points can really start to add up!

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Re: This Week's Reporting Thread

Post by funcfish on Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:19 pm

Well I finally got the fly box sent out to ya Owl... I included a "decal" for your truck. Not sure if it is fly fishing enough for ya but hopefully it'll be good enough for the points! Other than that I haven't been able to get any other posts done this whole week. Mad
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Re: This Week's Reporting Thread

Post by troutmanbrook on Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:50 am

not sure which to post in. guess i'll post in both.

Here are my completed tasks so far.

550 pts x 7- Buddy posts (3850 pts)

30 pts. - A photo of your car with an sign

25 pts. - Make your own home-made T-shirt

40 pts. - A photo of you fishing wearing a home-made Owl hat.

10 pts. -"Incoming!"

10 pts. - Make a photo of you licking a fish.

200 pts. - Take a photo of a sign on your cat AND your dog

200 pts. - write out "Fish Rise Rods" in pebbles

200 points: Make a blog post with nothing but pictures of your fly rods.

500 pts. - Video: Ask a DNR, WRD, Game Warden or other Park Ranger type person if they can tell you where the "flanker fish" fishing is the best in your area.

Thanks pig
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Re: This Week's Reporting Thread

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