Rise flyrod Give-Away Point List!

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Rise flyrod Give-Away Point List!

Post by Owl on Tue Apr 05, 2011 5:15 pm

OK guys, here's the Points List for the fly rod contest! The easiest way to rack up points it to convince your friends to help you out! Here's an example:

Jim-Bob gets 5 points for blogging about the Contest*. Then, Jim-Bob talks his friend Sally into blogging about the Contest.** This is the "Buddy Post" and it's worth 20 points every time Jim-Bob talks another of his friends into featuring the Contest on their website or blog!

* each qualifying blog post must include a link to OwlJones.com and RiseFishing.com
** each "Buddy Post" must include a link to OwlJones.com, RiseFishing.com AND a link to the "buddy" who prompted the post (ie Jim-Bob) in order to prove that they're helping you!

Also guys, I need to explain why so many of the tasks that earn you points involve showing something with "OwlJones.com" or "Rise Fishing" in it. Asking you to put the URL or name into the photo or video or whatever does two things:

1. It allows us to easily confirm that the post, picture, video was recently made and not something you pulled off your hard drive.
2. It helps to get OwlJones.com and Rise Fishing noticed.

I don't think we'll have any problems with cheating, but since you never know these days we're going to do it that way just to be sure. Plus, who doesn't want to see their name on someone's chest? What a Face

The following points are up for grabs in the Rise Fly Rod Give-Away Contest:

5 pts. - Blog the Contest on Your Own Blog
50 pts - Buddy Post (get a friend to blog it, including ALL the necessary links! OJDC, Rise and a link to your blob or website!)
5 pts. - The "Dusty Finger" (write OwlJones.com on a dusty car! Or a hundred dusty cars! 5 pts each! )
5 pts. - OwlJones.com on a napkin left in a restaurant
15 pts. - You and your favorite fly shop worker with an OwlJones.com sign ( paper, plastic, etch-a-sketch, whatever...)
30 pts. - A photo of your car or truck parked along a river with a home-made OwlJones.com sign
50 pts. - OwlJones.com on the marquee of your local burger joint.
30 pts. - Posting the Contest with both links ( OJDC and RiseFishing.com) on any fishing forum ( other than this one! )
25 pts. - Make your own OwlJones.com home-made T-shirt and wear it out in public or fishing.
50 pts. - Make a video of yourself "Running from Bears" and put it on the internet (you tube, vimeo, etc) and shown on your blog!
50 pts. - Make a video of yourself singing an original song about fly fishing.
40 pts. - A photo of you fishing wearing a home-made Owl hat. ( MUST ALSO BE SHOWN ON YOUR BLOG! )
5 pts. - Placing a photo of an owl somewhere on your blog/website that is linked to OwlJones.com.
10 pts. - Posting a reply to another blogger with the single comment " Well, I don't have any fish pictures to show, so here's my cat."
25 pts. - Make a video of yourself singing the OwlJones.com song "I Luv Fly Fishin" as heard in OwlJones.com's videos.
5 pts. - "Tweeting" (with links) about the Contest
5 pts. - Facebook posting (with links) about the Contest
1000 pts. - Make a video of Lefty Kreh saying " Owl Jones is nuts!"
20 pts. - Write an original poem about Owl Jones or Rise Fishing.
50 pts. - Make a "One Fly Saved" video and post it on your blog/website.
25 pts. - Post a trip report on the Fish Head Forums (* bonus 5 points if there are pics! )
25 pts. - Post a photo of yourself in the forums of a Hero Shot pose with a brook trout.
30 pts. - Having Owl Jones as a guest poster on your blog.
5 pts. - Post a photo of your dog or cat with RiseFishing.com on a note (paper, wood, plastic, whatever...)
500 pts. - Film a plane sky-writing RiseFishing.com
10 pts. - Change your blog colors to tan and maroon.
100 pts. - Make a movie of yourself doing an interpretive dance to "Take Me Fishin' Fool"
20 pts. - create a new fly and post it on your blog. Name it "The Fish Licker"
50 pts. - Post a photo from a fishing trip where you're cooking a trout.
30 pts. - Start a topic on the Fish Head Forums that gets more than 20 replies ( none can be your own).
10 pts. - Make a video of yourself catching a fish and yelling "Incoming!"
20 pts. - Be the first to answer the question: "Where did Owl Jones catch his first trout on a fly?"
15 pts. - Blog about "Rufus T." like you know him from way back when.
50 pts. - send me a fly fishing decal for my truck. Smile
100 pts. - email Rise fishing telling them you are in the contest and blog their reply.
25 pts. - Use "Well, I don't have any fish pictures, so here's my cat." on your own blog.
500 pts. - Make a video of yourself writing Rise Fishing on your chest with a permanent marker.
10 pts. - Make a photo of you licking a fish. OK, pretending to lick a fish. That'll do I guess. Wink
10 pts. - Make a video of yourself "bow-and arrow" casting.
200 pts. - Take a kid fishing and get it on video with an owljones.com or RiseFishing.com sign.
50 pts. - use the contest "button" shown on the left side of OwlJones.com in a forum or blog post.
100 pts. - Take a photo of a sign on your cat or dog that says "take me fishing!"
200 pts. - Take a photo of a sign on your cat AND your dog (both in one pic) with a sign that says "take us fishing"
300 pts. - Get a fly shop to post a link to OwlJones.com on their website or facebook page.
50 pts. - Get your wife to pose for a picture with a fish, and a "Rise Fishing is Winning" sign.
500 pts. (*this task is available only once! ) Post details and both links (OJDC and Rise) on the forum at www.ngto.org AND tell them in the post that "Owl says hey."
200 pts. - write out "Fish Rise Rods" in pebbles on the banks of a trout stream and leave it there.

Tuesday 4/13 additions:

300 points: Hang a "wanted" or "Lost" poster for OwlJones.com in a public place, include tear-offs with the url to owljones.com
200 points: Make a blog post with nothing but pictures of your fly rods.
200 points: Mow a picture of an Owl into your lawn
500 points: Make a video asking people at a fly fishing show, expo, meeting, other event if they've heard of Rise Fly Rods. If they say no, tell them about RiseFishing.com
1000 points: record yourself calling in to a talk radio (or music radio) show and saying " Well, I don't have any fish pictures to show you so.....Here's mah cat"

500 pts. - Make a video of yourself wearing your waders and wading boots as you go into an office supply store and buy a package of printer paper.*
* BONUS! 350 extra bonus points if the video also contains you telling the person checking you out the "here's mah cat' line.

500 pts. - Video: Ask a DNR, WRD, Game Warden or other Park Ranger type person if they can tell you where the "flanker fish" fishing is the best in your area.

200 pts. - Write a blog post about your competition in this contest. Make it funny, but not rude or insulting.
300 pts. - post a message on the Fish Heads Forum between 3 and 4 am.

Thurs. 4/14 additions:

300 pts. - write a poem about River Damsel coming to the Deep South to fish for 6 inch brook trout.
150 pts. - write " Here's mah cat" in peanut butter and jelly. Then video yourself eating it.
500 pts. - Make a video reviewing something obscure....like a peanut. Or a comb. It must be at least 3 min. long.
1000 pts. - Find River Damsel, Mark and myself in the Smokies and take a picture of all three of us.


To enter any of these tasks and claim points you will need either a link proving the successful completion of the task, or (for real-world tasks) a link to a photo of the completed task. ( NO PHOTOSHOPS. If you try to claim a photoshopped image, we will catch it - and you will be disqualified from this contest. ) Additionally, we advise you NOT to do anything that may break any laws in your state. If any of these things are illegal where you live, don't do it. Got it?

And finally, a word about how to win....if you play the game right and don't try to cut corners, not only will it be more fun for everyone but it will keep us from having to deny your request to validate points. So don't try to cheat! If you want the rod, reel, hat and the other stuff, play the game, win the contest, be the man. Or woman. Whatever. Smile

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