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Post by Owl on Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:28 pm

If you're keeping score at home, you might find that your totals are not an exact match for ours. We had several duplicate entries of the same task and although some tasks could be duplicated ( like the Buddy Post), most were not validated if they were duplicated. ( Like if you'd written on your chest 4 times. Sorry, but we're only giving you that one first one...you know, the one that's still there, btw. Wink LOL )

Remember, we're the final say on points validation so if you come up a little short at home, you'll just have to try harder in Phase 2 to make up anything that wasn't accepted. I assure you that we don't have any favorites. I can also say that we are very impressed that you guys are fighting so hard for this prize! Finally, before we give you the totals - I want to ask you to PLEASE not delete any of your videos, writings, etc. because when it's over we're going to have a "best of the best" blog post on owljones.com to show off what you guys were willing to do to get your hands on this rod and reel!

And now...............the Leaders:

Troutmanbrook is in 1st Place with: 5770
Floggin' Water is in 2nd Place with: 2265
Leaky Waders is in 3rd Place with 1855
Funcfish is in 4th Place with 1290
Passin' Thru Outdoors is in 5th with 130
DubtheThorax is in 6th with 40
Cliff is holding off last place with 20 pts.
Naturalist' Angle is still in the race with 10. ? (ouch.)

So, as you can see there's a pretty big gap between 1st and 2nd.....and what did it for Troutmanbrook was the Bonus Buddy Posts. Looks like he got his girlfriend, Dad, and anyone else he could think of to blog about the contest. It netted him over 3200 points. So when there's a Bonus guys, you need to take advantage of it! We've got two weeks or so to go and there are going to be more twists in this tale!

Thank you all for playing....I hope you're working hard on you essay for this week already!

OH and REMEMBER - YOU STILL HAVE UNTIL MONDAY TO GET IN YOUR "BONUS VIDEO" that is worth 2000 points to the angler that makes us laugh the most!!!

Get r done!

I think I'll start fishing without flies. I'd catch just as many fish, but without the hassle of hooking trees.

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