If you win - what will you fish for 1st?

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If you win - what will you fish for 1st? Empty If you win - what will you fish for 1st?

Post by Floggin Water on Thu Apr 07, 2011 5:50 pm

So if you win the Rise 6 weight, what do you think the first fish is going to be that you'll target with this awesome rod? Trout? Bass? Carp? Bonefish?

I think I'll take the Rise rod out to the big lake I normally fish, and hunt for bass (largemouth and smallmouth) - as the rod should arrive early enough in the season that the bass will still be up in the shallows most of the day, susceptible to some poppers, sliders, and shallow swam streamers. I've got some mini-clousers I just tied up with some rabbit strip leeches that should be great!

The lake also has a big population of stocker trout - but that late in the season, the big hold overs and "brooders" are usually too deep most of the time to target with fly gear (unless your idea of fun is chucking 400 grain sinking lines and heavy flies, and letting them sink down to 40 feet). The feeder creeks for this lake have native, wild populations of cutthroat, and some wild or naturalized populations of rainbows.

The summer steelhead season should be picking up pretty well by June, so a trip to the coast to fish some nymphs and glo-bugs for some summer steel is in order. Sea run cutthroat will also be in the rivers - giving a chance for some dry fly action in addition to some streamer and nymph action.

What do you think you'll go after first?

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If you win - what will you fish for 1st? Empty Re: If you win - what will you fish for 1st?

Post by cliftz on Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:01 am

Well, nice question.
I'm a noob on the site and still trying to find the specific objectives of the contest so I can participate...maybe a little help there please... Cool

Now, as for what I'd like to catch first with that brand spanking new 6 weight, rod, reel, deeks and caps to protect my bald spot...I'm gonna go to my waters and cast to the first rise I see, and the fish I catch will be the one that wanted to be caught most. If I won the rod this minute, within the next ten I'd be going for trout. When I win it in a couple of weeks or so, the water temps will have changed for the warmer and the big boyz start foraging around. Could be a trout or a largemouth.
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