A whole other world...

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A whole other world...

Post by bannen on Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:08 am

Well, I finally got up to Smokies. I always thought most trout fishermen had "Noontootla Syndrome", meaning they wear camo, hide behind trees, fish #18 para Adams, and use 8' rods when fishing for wild trout. But that is basically what it was like in the Smokies. The stream bed was very open, and the water very clear, so the brookies could get a good look at you if you weren't careful. I didn't catch anything huge, but I did miss a nice little 9-10" brookie. On the best day I caught probably 12-15 little guys in about 2hrs, but I also managed one skunk in about 3-4hrs earlier in the week. Here are some pics.

Lil' Black Stonefly

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Re: A whole other world...

Post by Owl on Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:58 pm

Nice brookies. The Park can be tough, if that's where you're talking about. I was on the Davidson the other day and it was totally the opposite. Guys fishing in white hats and shirts and one guide in an orange rain jacket. Bright orange. I hope they didn't pay much.

I think I'll start fishing without flies. I'd catch just as many fish, but without the hassle of hooking trees.

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